General conditions

1. Applicability

These general terms and conditions govern the use of the web site, created and managed by Edicom Servizi Srl, for the conduct of telematic sales relating to assets acquired in judicial co-proceedings, in accordance with the competitive procedure prescribed by the Legislator, characterized by the following essential elements: incremental bid system; adequate advertising; transparency; pre-established and non-discretionary tenderer selection rules. These general terms and conditions apply to telematic auctions, subject to all the different conditions set forth in the ordinances and the sales bids of each single court procedure.

2. Publication of auctions

Auctions will be published on, after the dates of the auction, the description of the batches and the terms and conditions specified in the order and / or the call for sale of each single procedure.

3. Participation in auctions

3.1. registration

To be eligible to participate in the auctions, you must register at, expressly accepting the general terms and conditions and terms and conditions set forth in the order and / or the call for sale of each individual auction. When registering, each user is asked to choose a username and password, which will be the credentials with which he can access the site and participate in the auction. The Administration will send a sms containing an alphanumeric code that will have to be entered by the user on the personal page for the confirmation of the registration.

3.2 Responsibility

The registered user is directly responsible for all the acts he is making at Consequently, Edicom Servizi Srl is not responsible for the actions taken by the user and any damage they may cause to the operation of the system and other users. (see par. n.11 "Exemptions")

3.3 Personal Data

By registering at, the User authorizes the use and storage of personal data registered by Edicom Servizi srl in a special master file. The User warrants the correctness and completeness of the personal data provided during registration. If, and at any time, personal data are subject to change, the User is obliged to notify such changes to the Administration.

3.4 Security deposit

If the order and / or the call for sale require the payment of a security deposit, the registered user will be enabled by the administration to participate in the reference teleshopping auction only after the relevant amount is paid out executed in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated in the order and / or in the auction of the auction. In the event that the auctioned lots are not awarded, the security deposit will be returned to you within 15 working days from the end of the auction without any interest. In the case of auctioning of auctioned lots, the security deposit will be retained in the interest of the reference procedure and will be deducted from the purchase price, including ancillary costs and transfer costs.

3.5 Removing Recording

Edicom Servizi srl reserves the right to refuse and unilaterally remove the registration if:

  • the user has acted incorrectly and / or unlawfully in using the website or in the auction stage;
  • the user was not trusted to check after registration or did not pay the security deposit prescribed in the order and / or the call for sale and therefore can not be enabled.

3.6 Playback

It is strictly forbidden for the User to reproduce the website or any part of it, or to make it available to third parties (through a deep link or otherwise) without the prior written permission of Edicom Servizi srl.

4. Description of lots

Each of the batches learned from the single judicial co-operation procedure is published on, on the basis of the information contained in the order and / or the sales notice, by a brief description, indicating the type of goods, the geographical location, the right to sell, the cadastral data (in the case of real estate), the basic auction prices, the minimum rebalancing value, the contacts to access for further information and the visit and viewing of the goods, of the auction fee to be paid in favor of Edicom Servizi srl. The description of each batch is accompanied by the publication of photographic reproductions and the relevant estimate. It is understood that interested users will,

5. Launch of the auction and submission of tenders

For details on how to complete the auction, please refer fully to the instructions contained in the order and / or the sales notice published on, on the auction page of interest. Auction bidding offers must be made by the registered and authorized user, within the lottery card, in the terms and in the manner prescribed in the order and / or auction auction of reference. In any case, tenders submitted will be submitted to the prior verification of their correspondence to the rebates and modalities prescribed in the order and / or the call for tenders for the reference auction. The Administration therefore reserves the right to cancel the ineffective offer,

6. Lottery Grant

Upon completion of the auction, the bidder is the highest bidder, regardless of the various indications contained in the order and / or the sales notice, which will be published on , on the auction page of interest. The award is to be considered provisional; upon completion of the verification of its correspondence under the terms and conditions laid down in the order and / or in the notice of sale of the reference auction, the administration will notify the best bidder within 48 working hours of the auction, which will become final upon the payment of the final price of the award and of the costs and charges.

7. Payment of the price and accessories

The successful tenderer is obliged to pay the tender price, tax charges and any transfer costs within the terms and in the manner prescribed in the order and / or the call for tenders. In the event of non-payment within the prescribed deadline, the award will be deemed to have expired and the deposit paid will be retained as a penalty. The successful tenderer is also required to pay the auction fee in favor of Edicom Servizi Srl, quantified as a percentage of the purchase price and expressly indicated in the description of the lot awarded, at the same time as the price of the award and other charges and expenses set out in the order and / or the call for tenders for the auction.

8. Transfer Act

The sale or final transfer of the goods awarded to the outcome of the competitive procedure, where provided, will take place in the terms and in the manner prescribed in the order and / or in the notice of sale, in front of the Notary designated by the bodies of the procedure. All costs relating to the assignment or the final transfer shall be borne by the successful tenderer.

9. Guarantees

Telematic sales made on the site, as judicial sales are subject to the provisions of the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure. Sales take place in the state of fact and law in which the goods are located and are carried out by body and not by measure. As Forced Sales, sales made on are not subject to warranty or defective warranty policies and can not be revoked for any reason. Consequently, the Procedures Bodies and Edicom Servizi srl are not liable for any defects, lack of quality or dissimilarity of the goods sold, or for errors and omissions contained in the batch description, photographic reproductions and the expertise published on the site; they are therefore not liable for any warranty. The user with the registration expressly accepts these conditions and raises Edicom Servizi Srl and the organs of the proceeding from any and all liability, warranty and claim.

10. Security of the site

In the event of technical faults in the website, such that the website is not accessible to anyone and / or partially to all users, Edicom Servizi srl has the right to extend the 7-day auction. Edicom Services undertakes to reasonably protect its systems against data leaks and / or against any form of illicit use by adopting any appropriate technical and organizational arrangements and taking into account the evolution of technology. However, Edicom Services is not liable for data loss, file damage, computer or file access, virus spreading through the Website, or any other consequence related to the use of the website by users or third parties.

11. Esoneri

Edicom Servizi Srl is not liable for any damage, loss, cost or expense (including loss of profit, legal fees, value added taxes or equivalent, etc.) incurred or incurred by the User due to:

  • non-observance or misunderstanding by the User of the obligations, rules and obligations contained in these conditions or in the conditions prescribed in the order and / or in the sales bids of the auction of interest;
  • violations committed by the user through the site;
  • claims occurring at any stage of the transaction.
Edicom Servizi also disclaims any liability for any damage that may result to users or third parties from the misuse of and the related services by the User. In particular, Edicom Servizi is not liable for any damages resulting from:
  • impossibility to use the website;
  • failure to match the description, photographic reproductions and details of the batches published on to the characteristics of the goods;
  • incorrect, incomplete, or up-to-date information contained on the website;
  • defects in website software;
  • Illegal use of computer systems at, by registered users or third parties.
Edicom Servizi Srl is not responsible for delaying or failing to meet its obligations if such delay or default is due to causes of force majeure.

12. Effectiveness of these conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable and effective for telematic sales made on the website under the authority of the Judicial Authority, subject in any case to the various conditions set forth in the ordinances and the sales notices of each single judicial procedure, also published on In the event of a conflict between these general conditions and the specific conditions prescribed in the order and / or the call for tenders for sale of the reference auction, the latter shall prevail. Edicom Servizi srl reserves the right to modify these General Conditions. The changes will take effect 24 hours after you have been notified to the User by e-mail or from the time of publication on

13. Applicable Law and Competent Burial

Any dispute arising between users and Edicom Servizi srl relating to these general conditions will be governed exclusively by Italian law. The Italian text of the General Conditions is the original text. Therefore, if the General Terms are used in multiple languages, the Italian text prevails in the case of ambiguity or conflict. In the event of a dispute concerning the application of the General Conditions, the Forum of Palermo is competent.